Introducing PQAS

A Total Solution for Construction Quality Management

4 Major Problems

Why Do Projects Always Fail to Deliver Good Quality Workmanship?

Time Consuming Inspection Process

Inspection of Architectural Finishes takes time,
especially when the project team is small. This causes a slow inspection pace…

As the inspection took time, it left the progress far behind anticipated.

Monitoring Without Overall Statistics of Project Quality

The Client’s Project Team and Supervisors from the Main Contractor play a very important role when it comes to quality monitoring.

But regardless of how closely the monitoring is, without a complete statistical breakdown of overall workmanship performance data,

it is hard for them to maintain a high standard of workmanship for the project.

Inefficient Rectification Process Involving Several Parties

The workers do not understand the comments or instructions from the quality agent. This leads to unresolved defects after rectification.

Late Defect Discovery Increases Rework Costs and Rectification Time

It’s very common for defects to be discovered after the removal of debris and site cleaning.

This will accumulate a large amount of defect work, which eventually…

It’s Not Easy To Coordinate Everything Perfectly, But To Smoothen The Process Out, Here Is The Solution…


Speed up

Increase Efficiency


Speed up

Increase Efficiency

To Project Quality Inspection (QLASSIC STANDARD)

P-CON Construction Quality
Assessment Management System

A Total Solution for Construction QUALITY Management

Digitalization Assessment Forms
Project Assessment & Inspection Management
Real-time Assessment Tracking & Data Analysis

Instant Submission

for Work Done, Comments, and Rectifications

Defects Analysis

Provide Insights for Quality Improvement Strategies


to Generate Site Reports

Stay Connected in One Channel

(no more Email or Text Lost)

Real-Time Update

on Project Quality & Progress

Data Entry

Offline Operating Mode & Auto-Sync

The Old Way

Endless Manual Paper Work

The New Way

Real-Time and Digitized


Quality Assessment






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